Elsbeth Theren

aunt to Lewen. A stunning silver haired sorceress.




Elsbeth met Gurlynn Shadowstrike when she was young and the two of them had adventures accompanied by her brother Kyras, who always favored her over the rest of the family. She is an accomplished sorceress. After years of adventuring she had a daughter by Gurlynn – Nansha. Gurlynn was killed shortly after the birth of his daughter. He was on an exploration with Kyras. Elsbeth was held prisoner by shadar kai at the Shadow Keep when she went there to retrieve her daughter. She was freed when the Ashen Covenant attacked the keep. Following the defeat of the covenant she struck out at the shadar kai – killing four with chain lightning and a raven priestess with finger of death. She is now looking for clues to the where-a-bouts of Nansha, who was whisked away from the Ghost Talon shadar kai by Erzoun and Emilo Oserd formerly of the Raven Roost Performers.

Elsbeth Theren

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