The Blood of Legends

Through the Wild

The Golden Eagles followed the overgrown road through the wild. There were dangers along the route – giant wasps, an ettin, harpies and orcs. The threats were dealt with by Sir Tyson, Benjammin and Tirilithon and the army made it through unscathed. Before reaching the Chaos scar the vanguard were met by Kyras – uncle of Lewen, who rode the snakelike dragon Aquirizz, son of Caustrex. Kyras wore a rune carved suit of plate mail and carried an ornate rod. He was ruggedly handsome and affable.
Kyras told them that Lewen’s mother was at Winterhaven with his oldest uncle Iradil, his brother Wakdak and his ailing father. The town was being protected by a small but formidable gathering of adventuring types.
The betrayers Tyiel and Ziral were last seen in Mistwatch with their dragons. They have an army of men and undead of around 500.
Kyras asked about the purpose of the Golden Eagle army and was told they were going to meet up with Scarlet who was gathering soldiers. Kyras expressed some contempt for the bandit queen but reported that she had not been seen since the attack on Jaxson.
Aquirizz showed little interest in the vanguard as they spoke with Kyras. He seemed to be scanning the rest of the army and at one point heard him whisper that there was another. Later the party theorized that there may be another unknown descendant of Theren or Rudolph amongst the army.
After the party mentioned the ritual Candriss has taken which supposedly could open the portal within the Keep on the Shadowfell, Kyras said that they would have to deal with Paldemar before they could open a portal. No portal had reportedly been opened for nearly 100 years. Lewen pointed out that they had come across a undead minatour demon that a necromancer had summoned. This surprised Kyras and he soon bid his farewell. He did ask them to look out for his sister Elsbeth and niece Nansha if they ended up in the shadow keep.

Adventure in the Kindom of Arylon

Sir Tyson, Lewen, Titithon and Benjammin led their retinue in pursuit of the villans. At the ruined library of Leng they defeated most of the villians and faced off with a formidable group of dragonborn explorers. After the dragonborn left they entered the library with a sallow elf villan called Candriss. They faught the undead form of the legendary Kalarel deathpriest of Orcus but Candriss escaped with a ritual that might be able to open a portal in Shadow Keep to the Shadowfell. Sir Tyson and Lewen were slain in the battle.

A gnome druid in the woods nearby raised Sir Tyson and reincarnated Lewen into a golden celestrial eagle. The gnome’s condition for the favor was that the party had to travel to one of the Black Bay Islands to White Plume Mountain and recover a magical branch that had been stolen from his forest.

They acquired a ship for the journey from the Rune Baron who stipulated that the group find a trident called Wave and bring it to him. Besides the captain and crew, Kiera Starfire accompanied them as a representative of the Rune Baron and an elf Erdan Chalicene paid for passage to another of the black bay islands where he was picking up a package. There were no signs of sallow on the elf and he often chewed a strange black root.

After getting the package the ship was blown off coarse to a huge, mysterious island and the ship, the captain and 1/3 of the crew were sunk and eaten by a hydra. After many adventures on the island the group acquired a pirate ship and continued on to White Plume Mountain. The found Wave and a soul sucking black great sword named Blackrazor. Benjammin was killed by the sword but the sword which could speak agreed to free Ben’s soul in exchange for 5 others. The deal was completed with the groups follower Jude wielding the weapon.

The branch was recovered and used to resurrect Ben. The party returned to Sir Tyson childhood home of Davenburg where they found their followers had recruited over 100 men. A Rumor had been spread by John Stableboy and the other self proclaimed Golden Eagles that the heroes were organizing a trek through the wild to the Chaos Scar. The ultimate destination is the Nentir Vale where the heroes first priority is to find Scarlett the bandit queen and united with her bring their cousins Tyiel and Ziral to justice. They pulled to two of Davenburg’s warlords, Gast and Geryon and acquired more troops. King Ptyderi supplied food and wagons for the caravan and he hinted that he knew more about their plans and who they were than they would have suspected. He directed them to Spiral Castle before they left where they fought a mummy lord and recovered a bunch of magic items including a holy avenger, a scroll of protection from demons and a ring of wish. They returned the branch to Glick and he rewarded Lewen with the ability to polymorph between his half elf form and eagle form. They have gathered at the Keep on the Borderlands and are ready to begin their march through the Wild.

Keep on the Borderland
The Caves of Chaos

N’Antler departed the adventurous youths by a Keep on the borderland of the Arylon Kingdom and told them to find work and he found out the fate of Jaxson he would return. They were to leave word if they moved on from the Keep.
After visiting the Keep and setting up a base of operations, the friends chose to explore some nearby caves that were said to be inhabited by evil, monstrous humanoids. They were at first accompanied by a priest and his two acolytes but they proved to be evil and tried to ambush the party. A paladin visiting the Keep had noticed the adventurers talking with the suspicious priest and had followed them to the caves. He helped them defeat the evil priest and he became their companion. His name was Sir Tyson of Davenburg. Like Lewen, Sir Tyson served Bahamut. He had been the heir to the port city Davenburg but had given up his title as Count of Davenburg when he heard Bahamut’s call to duty.
Shortly, the assassin Niallon from Jaxson, disguised as a cobbler, showed up at the Keep with the aim of killing one of the three cousins. He did not identify his prey but gave them a week to trump the contract with a 1000 gold piece payment. They baulked at the offer. The continued to rout out goblins and kobolds from the caves and earned treasure and reputation. As the week wore on, Niallon brought Lewen the broken hilt of his father’s sword and the party was convinced that Lewen was the target. Their trepidation increased when they discovered the assassin had unnatural skill in disguising himself. He posed as one of the Castellan’s men-at-arms when the party were summoned to the inner-Keep and given the opportunity to earn 2000 gold pieces by capturing a necromancer from the caves – dead or alive. Niallon revealed his identity as the party left the inner-Keep. There was one day left.
Some new arrivals to the Keep became enthralled with the four adventurers. Peter and Paul were men-at-arms that were saved by the adventurers from hobgoblins and swore fealty to them. They accompanied the party and guarded the horses with John Stableboy. Some fighting men – Simon, Jude, Luke and Mark joined Peter and Paul at no urging by the four adventurers. A young knight Andrew and his two squires tagged along on the search for the necromancer. Three clerics Bart, Thad and James were traveling with a magic user, Matthew, and they joined the ensemble. Those four were academics documenting the elements and events on the borderland.
The search for the necromancer led to battles with skeletons, zombies and a wight. In the necromancer’s inner sanctum, they found him being eaten by manes demons at the command of a minotaur demon that had been summoned by the foolish servant of Orcus. Lewen grabbed the necromancer’s spell book from his altar and the fought the demon. When Sir Tyson slayed the demon it’s dark soul retreated to the magic circle it had been summoned from. As it returned to the Abyss it caused an earthquake that collapsed the entire Caves of Chaos. The party barely escaped.
Back at the Keep the party retrieved their reward only to find that Niallon had impersonated the corporal of the guard and robbed the warehouse where the adventurer’s treasure had been stored. He had feigned opening the warehouse for another adventuring company and that group made off with the spoils. The party decided to follow the bandits the next morning. Matthew and the priests examined the evil spell book and found a page of chaotic, doodling that contained clues to a new quest. They followed the adventurers when they left the Keep.
After a grueling day of travel the party camped for the night. They had distanced themselves from their slower followers. Niallon chose that night to fulfill his contract. Two poisoned daggers came from the dark and pierced Benjammin – leaving him feeble and the assassin moved in for the kill. Before he could reach Benjammin, the half elf pulled out his wand of paralyzation and incapacitated the killer. They killed him. He was a doppelganger and may have killed them all if not for the wand. He had some nice magic items which the party took.

Bad Blood
Jaxson is attacked by two dragons of the blood and two members of House Theren

Two antique sofas, a parlor table and a hearth decorate the room in the basement of the House of Jax. A pitcher of water is set on a buffet at the side of the room. A man-at-arms, Dirk, escorts the three scolded, young half-elfs to the room, shuts and locks the door and stands guard outside. After pouring some water and loosening up their armor and setting aside their weapons they sit and wait in relative silence for a summons from Scarlet or perhaps the head of their house(s). After an hour or so, a servant appears with a tray of food and wine and brings it to the parlor table where the men are sitting.
“I am Niallon,” he says, “the queen thought you would need some lunch. Is there anything specific I can bring you?”
After looking over the meats, cheeses, fruits and breads offered the group agrees the platter is acceptable, thanks the humble servant and he leaves. Benjammin is not hungry but Tiril and Lewen begin eating. A minute after the two begin eating stomach pains grip the them, they begin sweating and double over. Ben leaps to his feet and tries to help them. Their skin is hot to the touch and he is at a loss for how he can help.
A shout is heard in the stairs outside the door.
“In the name of Bahamut! Let me pass man! There is treachery afoot!” It is the voice of Sir Kevorin, Lewen’s father. Keys jingle and the door bursts open. Ben kneels over the two moaning man-elfs and the knight rushes to them with a parchment in his hand. He reads from the scroll prays to Bahamut and neutralizes the poison they had ingested from the tray of food in which Niallon had delivered.
“Guard the door man!” Sir Kevorin shouts to the man-at-arms. “Grab your things!” he says to his son and his friends. “Orcs and wildmen are raiding the city, attempts have been made on the lives of members of the blood, the council and the queen herself. I was praying and saw a vision – it was Ziral – he betrayed Marciso and slew him in the mountains. Benjammin, I believe your grandfather is dead!”
The knight and Dirk lead the way up the stairs to the houses foyer. The sound of battle cries and panic can be heard. Orcs and wildmen are coming through the door. Dirk slams into the door and holds them off for the moment.
“Through Scarlet’s rooms!” advises Kevorin and leads them to her parlor. More men-at-arms join Dirk at the door. As the knight leads the young men into the parlor they see N’Antler in the courtyard fighting orcs and wildmen. One dire wolf fights at his side and another lies dead. Many of the raiders have been slain but the wolfmaster will be overwhelmed soon. The four newcomers join him in battle.
The House of Jax sits on the slope of the mountain giving a good view of the rest of the settlement. As they fight, Lewen, Ben and Tiril can see that chaos is scattered about the city. Two dragons with riders circle the sky above and then one descends on Gether’s Imports. A large gob of mucus blasts from the dragons mouth and begins eating away at the roof of the building and the dragon lands there and tears it apart.
As they fight orcs in the courtyard, Sir Kevorin yells to a servant cowering in the shadows to run and get horses. Dirk joins the fight and there are now only a few orcs left. Out of the shadows Niallon appears and attacks Benjammin. The circling dragon and rider descends on the courtyard. The assassin Niallon is difficult to hit, difficult to pin down. Blazil intercepts the dragon and rider as they land. Blazil and the new dragon snap at each other. Neither can use breath weapons for there is the possibility they would hit one of the half-elfs of the blood. The rider is Tyiel from the House of Theren. His brother Ziral rides the dragon attacking Gether’s Imports. Tyiel dismounts to attack. Lewen and Ben are engaged with the assassin and finally he takes a minor cut. Tiril drives Tyiel back to his mount with bow fire. The orcs are dead. The servant arrives with five horses. More orcs are heard coming. Blazil is holding off Tyiel’s dragon. Ziral and his dragonmount rise from Gether’s Imports. The dragon carries a screaming man in his mouth and a large chest in his claws. The man’s screams are cut short and his body goes limp.
Sir Kevorin presses his attack on Niallon and shouts to N’Antler who is facing the arriving orcs with the dire wolf and Dirk.
“Lead the boys to safety! I will hold off the enemy!” shouts the knight.
“I must find the queen!” N’Antler answers.
“You owe me this!” says the knight, “Take my son and his friends to safety!”
Ziral and his dragon are flying toward the courtyard. Sir Kevorin is blocking the assassin from the young men. Reluctantly, N’Antler corals Lewen, Ben and Tiril to the horses. Tyiel casts a spell at Benjammin and freezes him in his tracks. Lewen carries him to the horses. He cannot move. The servant, John the stable boy, rides the fifth horse and they ride – escaping into the wilderness.

Blood Loss
B.L.T. escort merchant Gethers to Mistwatch

A week after returning to Jaxson Ben, Lewen and Tiril are summoned to Scarlet’s parlor for their first assignment. The Halfling Oddlin is present for the meeting but Holgar the artificer, who is reading a large tome, excuses himself.

Scarlet assigns them to escort the merchant Blyson Gethers, who is traveling to Mistwatch with valuable items to trade. Two men-at-arms as well as Lewen’s cousin, Nansha, are also escorting the merchant. Scarlet wants them to guard the merchant’s wagons but has another task of more importance.

On Gethers’ last trip to Mistwatch, Nansha and Oddlin were part of the escort. On the third night of the journey Oddlin saw Nansha sneak off into the forest. He followed her and discovered she was meeting someone. He didn’t get too close on that night but suspected that the person or persons were shadar kai. The shadar kai are people from the shadowfell who reside in an ancient, ruined keep near the fortified town of Winterhaven. A century ago, the Beheaders stopped an evil priest from opening a portal to Orcus’ domain in the shadowfell. After, four of shadar kai and their troupe called the Raven Roost Performers took over the keep so as to prevent anyone else from opening it. The shadar kai are worshipers of the Raven Queen and are bitter enemies of Orcus. The Performers were a motely group consisting of humans, some dwarves and halflings that put on a morbid circus type show from time to time. Over the years they never gave the people of Winterhaven any trouble. Years later, a clan of shadar kai called the Ghost Talon took over the keep and their ways of appeasing the Raven Queen were more troubling than the former group. They are suspected of evil deeds and the people of Jaxson are encouraged to avoid them.

Scarlet wants Ben, Lew and Tiril to keep an eye on Nansha and make sure she is not up to anything foolish or Bahamut forbid something malevolent. She would like them to refrain from confronting Nansha but confirm the suspicions by spying on her.

The trip to Mistwatch takes nearly four days. On the third day before dusk the silhouette of a person is seen far away on a hill near the road. At second glance, the figure is gone. That night the three friends take turns keeping watch with the man-at-arms. Lewen sees Nansha leave the camp area and tries to follow her. Before he reaches the woods she returns and in an awkward exchange she tells him she was going out to pee. During Ben’s watch she leaves again and Ben follows her. In the woods, after a short trek, Ben sneaks down to a cave and witness Nansha meeting with a shadar kai woman who is trying to pursuade the girl to come with her. The shadar kai women promises Nansha powers only she can teach her and the girl appears interested but unsure. They agree to meet again in two nights when the merchant will be returning to Jaxson. Ben hides and the girl goes back to the camp. After the girl is gone Ben sees that the cave was an illusion as the shadar kai woman dispells it and two shadar kai men come out from their hiding place. “This will all be settled one way or another in two nights.” she tells them and they leave in the opposite direction.

The merchant Gethers goes into Mistwatch alone with his wagons when they reach the outskirts of the town and after he does his business they set out the next day. During the trip back they camp at the same spot and Nansha again sneaks into the woods. Ben convinces the others that they do not need to follow her because thay have comfirmed that she was meeting shadar kai. Nansha never returns to camp. The merchant Gethers is quite upset when he finds out and fears the wrath of the bandit queen because one of the blood is missing.

When they return to Jaxson and report to Scarlet, she is infuriated with them and sends them to a room in her cellar to wait while she holds council with the heads of the houses.

Training Day
Orc hunting

Three young members of the Blood are summoned to the court of the bandit queen.

One is Benjammin of House Rudolph, grandson of Marciso & Miesa, son of Lialda and Carter Darkseeker. Benjammin has been trained in fighting and educated in the school of magic.

Another is Tirilithon of House Rudolph, grandson of Daniel and Tamarie, son of Amelia and Mahaer. Tiril is trained as a ranger.

The third is Lewen of House Theren, grandson of Cote and Ariel Chalicene, son of Cathran and Sir Kevorin. Lewen is trained in fighting and has been tutored by the priests of Bahamut.

Scarlet Jax greets the boys and assigns Reda, Ben’s aunt, to escort the three into the hills to root out orcs. They need to gain experience so they can start earning their way. With Reda leading them they shouldn’t have any problems.

Reda marched the three trainees through the wooded hills. She explained that the woods and surrounding areas were enchanted by the magic users and clerics of Jaxson making the settlements location quite difficult for outsiders to find. Also, Blazil patrolled the skies and informed the leaders of Jaxson of any suspicious observations. They traveled for the better part of a day and would camp that night. In the morning, they would climb a small mountain that had a clearing at the top with a bunker. A message would be left for them there giving the layout of the land.

Near the end of the day, as the group were considering a good spot to settle for a rest, they ran into an orc scouting party. Suddenly, the three young men were facing their first battle. The orcs charged. Reda was surprised and had no time to direct the group into a formation before two orcs were engaged. The battle was quick. The monsters were hideous with black shiny eyes, sharpened yellow teeth and a foul smell. The three boys held the orcs off. They received some cuts and bruises and took down a few of the beasts but Reda did the better part of the slaying.

After, Reda expressed her concern that the orcs had been so close to Jaxson. She had expected to reach the lookout mountain without running into any of the creatures. Aware that they had run into a scouting party, Reda suggested they travel during the night and hopefully would reach the mountaintop before running into more orcs who would have an advantage in the darkness.

They made it to a bluff on the mountain side about halfway to the top. Dawn was an hour away and the four were tired. They rested for half an hour and then heard movement through the forest below. A heavy, guttural voice was shouting curses in a language they did not understand. Reda and the boys armed themselves and retreated up the mountain. They made a defensive stand near the top as the first orcs arrived. They took a couple down with arrows and then engaged in melee. Reda killed and the boys fought bravely.

Again, Reda and the younglings retreated. This time they reached the bunker. It was a shallow round hole perhaps twelve feet diameter with mounds of rock and dried mud creating a crude crenelated wall around it. In the center a rusted metal pole extended from a stone dais. The pole rose nearly five feet and had a rusty metal basin at its peak. A parchment was pinned under a head sized stone in the basin. Reda took it out, unrolled it and read.

“Large warbands sighted, return promptly ".

More orcs appeared and a huge, curse-spitting ogre drove them ahead of him. Arrows flew from the bunker but soon the orcs were upon them. The ogre pointed his pole arm at the bunker a shouted commands to the frenzied orcs.

“Take one alive and kill the rest!” Reda translated.

They hacked and slashed at the beasts and many soon lay dead in and around the bunker. The ogre arrived and attacked with his vicious weapon. Reda and the three trainees were wounded and Benjammin found himself facing the ogre. After a few rounds off combat the ogre was hit with a hard strike and vanished before Ben’s eyes. Few of the orcs remained and Ben joined the fight against them. Reda chopped down another orc adding it to her impressive tally of kills. Suddenly, the ogre appeared flying down from above preparing a spell aimed at the bunker. A cone of cold shot down from the ogre’s out-stretched hand and the boys dove away from it. The cold blast engulfed Reda and she fell as the ogre landed in the bunker. Ben, Tiril and Lewen made desperate strikes catching the ogre by surprise. He had been expecting them to retreat or surrender after their leader had fallen but they showed great bravery and their attacks killed the terrible monster. Lewen rushed to Reda. She was cold and dying. Quickly Lewen prayed to Bahamut and healed Reda. She lay unconscious but would live.

The dawn had come and a winged blinding light descended on the mountain top. A dragon with swirling silver and gray scales landed near the bunker and hiss/growled words in a strange language. The three boys looked at it with awe. There was a connection between these half-elfs and this magnificent creature. They could never harm her and knew she could never harm them. They looked upon Myztic, daughter of Caustrex.

“Reda is injured.” Myztic hissed, gesturing to their fallen leader.

“I have healed her,” Lewen replied humbly, “She is out of immediate danger but needs more healing than I can give.”

“I will take her home.” stated the dragon, “you take the path on the northern side. There are runes only the blood can see that marks the path. It is safe for now. Go!” With that she lifted Reda in her front claws and her powerful wings lifted her into the air and she became a blinding light again as she flew away.

Lewen Tiril and Ben found a rune on a tree at the northern side of the mountain and after a few paces past another rune appeared on a tree and another after that and so on. The three men limped home. They were boys no longer.

Dragons of the Blood
The seven children of Caustrex

The seven wyrmlings of Caustrex hatched a century ago. Their father is Rhibold Silvercrest from the west. Although their scales incorporate the gray of their mother and the silver of their father, they are all different.
Blazil the guardian of Jaxson has a gray underbelly, almost black, and silver scales wrap his body like a heavy coat of chain mail. He is large with a gray-black spine running from his head to the end of his thick, blunt ended tail.
Myztic is smaller than Blazil and has a swirling pattern of silver and light gray scales that radiates a blinding light in daylight and a mesmerizing effect in low light. Her spines are silver-white and tapered halfway down her tail. The tail ends in a wicked stinger.
These are the two dragons in which the people of Jaxson are familiar. The other five avoid the settlement but strong members of the blood have traveled to them and made contact.
The names of the other dragons are:
Zyick, Aqurizz, Tsalzi, Akozim and Hazbik
Caustrex has slept in her secret lair for many years and the silver father returned west before the wyrmlings hatched.

Other Noble Houses of Jaxson
Jax, Goldleaf, Lukylyl, Halfmoon, Goldspinner, Carthain

House of Jax
Scarlet’s two sons (Calathes and Marciso) were fathered by the elf Palil Moonshadow and are bitter rivals. Their families have been discussed in previous posts (Calathes in House of Theren, Marciso in House of Rudolph). The House of Jax is small but wealthy. Most of Scarlet’s decendants are members of either Houses Theren or Rudolph. Many of Scarlet’s close friends can often be found hanging around the House of Jax:
N’Antler is a large, human ranger referred to as the wolfman. He is the caretaker of four dire wolves who guard Scarlet and patrol the grounds of the House.
Oddlin is a halfling, avenger of Avandra (the goddess of nature). Oddlin is a wanderer and has seen more of the Nentir Vale and the surrounding area than most people. He was rumored to be the agent for the gnome sorceror, Nim, who disappeared with Theren and Rudolph many years ago. Oddlin is quiet and uncomfortable around most people.
Holgar is a dwarf artificer. He can often be found researching in the library of the House of Jax or lounging in Scarlet’s parlor with a book. He is notorious for not returning borrowed books. He resides in the Thundercloud Tower (a magical tower that floats on a cloud near the settlement of Jaxson) with four other dwarves: Finn the Axe, Kamaand the rune priest, Gorek the rogue and Borri the forger. Theren and Rudy were given the tower by Strombaald the storm giant lord for rescuing his daughter Elektra from frost giants.

House of Goldleaf
Farrah Goldleaf became the baroness of Harkenwold, once a village in the Nentir Vale. She was once rescued from Thunderspire Labyrinth by Rudolph and the Beheaders. It is rumored that she had a love affair with Rudolph and wanted him to settle down with her. After Rudy disappeared and was presumed dead, she had two children (Tamarie and Encinal) with the elf Peeko Woodsinger.

House of Lukylyl
The elf Lukylyl Austy fathered a son (Earar) with the once governess of Archertown, Corellia Flamet. Earar married Lady Hawklight, the daughter of Lord Padraig of Wimterhaven, and had three children (Mahaer, Yoofeh ans Saman).

House of Halfmoon
Rendil, who once ran an inn with his aunt in the seven pillar hall in Thunderspire Mountain, is the leader of the halfling community in Jaxson.

House of Goldspinner
Marsinda, once the ruler of Hammerfast, is the leader of Jaxson’s small dwarf population.

House of Carthain
Carthain was a bandit leader who was usurped by Scarlet and became one of her lieutenants. Many believed he would betray Scarlet but it never happened. His grandson Gann is the head of the house.

Note: Four full elves (aside from Theren) contributed to the gene pool of the noble houses of Jaxson. Fifty years ago, following the destruction of all known gateways to the Shadowfell and Feywild, these elves (Ariel Chalicene, Palil Moonshadow, Peeko Woodsinger and Lukylyl Austy) traveled north to the Rain Valley to discover the fate of the tribes who guarded that gateway to the Feywild. They have not returned.

House of Rudolph
A noble house of Jaxson

Vyndra is the mother to twins (Miesa & Denzel) fathered by Rudolph Harmony. Miesa married Scarlet Jax’s second son Marciso and they had three daughters (Lialda, Maddella, Reda). Lialda married Carter Darkseeker and they have six offspring including their youngest Benjammin who is a person of interest in this history. As mentioned Denzel married Theren Brightwood’s granddaughter Kieyanna.

Danica is the mother of Rudolph Harmony’s son Daniel. Daniel married Tamarie, daughter of half-elf Farrah Goldleaf (once the baroness of Harkenwold and now the head of House of Goldleaf)) and Peeko Woodsinger, an elf from the Harken Woods. Daniel and Tamarie have five children (Toova, Amella, Yele, Zeke and Fenton). Amella married Mahaer of House of Lukylyl and they have four children including Tirilithon, who is a person of interest in this history.

House of Theren
A Noble House of Jaxson

Llewella was the mother of Theren’s first child, Cote. Llewella, being human, died decades ago and Cote is the head of House Theren. Cote married the elf maiden Ariel Chalicene, who was once engaged to Theren, although the two had never met. The couple had six children (Iradil, Cathran, Elsbeth, Kyras, Landoli and Quinray).

Arden was the mother of Theren’s second child, Jess. Arden, being human, died many decades ago and Jess married Scarlet Jax’s first son Calathes. Calathes and his brother Marciso were fathered by Palil Moonshadow. Calathes and Jess had three children (Tyiel, Ziral and Kieyanna).

Four of Cote’s children have produced him eleven grandchildren including Lewen, who is the son of Cathran and Sir Kevorin. Kevorin is a venerable paladin of Bahamut. Lewen is a cleric of Bahamut and a person of interest in this history.

Kieyanna is the only child of Jess to produce offspring. She married Rudolph Harmony’s son, Denzel and their children (Faeren and Ellewin) are the only two of the 42 blood to be related to both Rudolph and Theren.

Kieyanna’s older brothers have spent a great deal of time in the mountains with a couple of the dragons and will play a nefarious role in a future post.


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