A century has passed since Theren Brightwood and Rudolph Harmony disappeared beneath the Moonstone Keep in Fallcrest. The Nentir Vale is slowly being restored to law and order by the ancestors of the two legends.

Fallcrest is ruled by Kyras Theren, grandson of Theren Brightwood. Aqurizz.
Nenlast is overseen by Elsbeth and Nansha Theren. Zirik.
Winterhaven is protected by Cathran Theren, Denzel Rudolph and others. Blazil.
Quinway Theren is a presence at Restwell Keep.
Harkenwold has been liberated from the Iron Circle dragonborn raiders from the south. Myztik.

The Arch-mage, Paldemar, has gained the eye of Vecna to go with the hand he already possessed. He has not been heard from in many weeks. The portals to the Feywild and Shadowfell have been reopened.

The Harken Forest has been freed of the Daggerburg goblins but The Black Petal still hides somewhere in the area. The Woodsinger elves have returned. A green dragon lurks somewhere in the ruins of the ancient eladrin ruins in the forest.

Hammerfast has been destroyed and the mountains are haunted by the ghosts of dwarves and orcs.

Mistwatch is plagued by a vampire dragon who demands a humanoid sacrifice several times per year..

The Winterbole Forest is infested by evil winter fey and maybe even Baba Yaga herself.

Scattered around are small points of free civilization. A fortified keep here, a lucky remote village there. How long until evil forces encroach on them?

Jaxson is abandoned and Scarlet Jax is dead. Tsalzi.

The southern provinces, Archertown, Sosh, Spearpoint, Bridgeblock and the lands in between are ruled by dragons.

The Blood of Legends