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  • Dragons of the Blood

    The seven wyrmlings of Caustrex hatched a century ago. Their father is Rhibold Silvercrest from the west. Although their scales incorporate the gray of their mother and the silver of their father, they are all different. Blazil the guardian of Jaxson …

  • Training Day

    Three young members of the Blood are summoned to the court of the bandit queen. One is Benjammin of House Rudolph, grandson of Marciso & Miesa, son of Lialda and Carter Darkseeker. Benjammin has been trained in fighting and educated in the school of …

  • Blood Loss

    A week after returning to Jaxson Ben, Lewen and Tiril are summoned to Scarlet's parlor for their first assignment. The Halfling Oddlin is present for the meeting but Holgar the artificer, who is reading a large tome, excuses himself. Scarlet assigns …

  • Kyras Theren

    Kyras is the fourth child of Cote and Ariel Chalicene. He is a grandson of Theren. He is an uncle to Lewen. He has always been a formidable warrior. He came in second to Denzel in Jaxson's last Champions Tournament. He is very disciplined and hates to …

  • Cathran Theren

    The second of Cote's children. She has her father's attitude and her grandfather Theren's looks.

  • Elsbeth Theren

    Elsbeth met Gurlynn Shadowstrike when she was young and the two of them had adventures accompanied by her brother Kyras, who always favored her over the rest of the family. She is an accomplished sorceress. After years of adventuring she had a daughter by …

  • Nansha Theren

    Elsbeth wasn't much of a mother. She treated Nansha more like a friend. Nansha eventually grew resentful. Nansha is gifted with some of her mother's innate arcane power. She was sought by the shadar kai and eventually lured into their hands. She was taken …

  • Landoli Theren

    Landoli is a beautiful singer and deadly with knives. Her husband Zanhorn has been inactive for the last 8 years due to an injury. he is a human and getting old. Her daughter Yele was killed by poison during the attack on Jaxson.. She and her two oldest …

  • Quinray Theren

    Quinray is the youngest of Cote's children. He is a jack-of-all trades. Intelligent enough for wizardry, he is an investigative adventurer who uses his brains as well as his fighting skill. He encouraged his daughters to practice wizardry. His son was a …

  • Celine Theren

    Celine helped her father and her siblings defeat the evils of the Chaos Scar. Her brother Cal was killed by a wraith in the Shadow Keep during the battle with the Ashen Covenant. Her sister Caryl is an acolyte in the worship of Correlon. Celine is …

  • Kieyanna Theren

    Kieyanna likes to pound things with her mace. Denzel was drawn to her fierce commitment to improve her fighting at a young age. She is the mother of the two children with Theren's and Rudolph's blood. She had practically no relationship with her psychotic …

  • Daniel Rudolph

    Like Cote, Daniel never fully trusted Scarlett's agenda. He took his family into the Winterbole Forest after the attack on Jaxson. He may be headed for the Rain Valley.

  • Mahaer Llukylyl

    There aren't too many prey that can escape when Mahaer and Amella are on their tail. It's hard to say who is better with the bow beyween them. It's no wonder where Tirithon gets his talents.

  • Amella Rudolph

    Amella is grand-daughter to Rudolph and daughter to Daniel. Daniel brought the Goldleaf half elfs into the family by marrying Tamarie and Amella brought in the Lukylyls by marrying Mahaer. She has two sisters Toova and Yele, two brothers Zeke and Fenton. …

  • Lialda Rudolph

    Lialda's mother, father,two children were killed by the Ashen Covenant. She is so proud of Benjammin for being the hero who killed the six armed snake woman demon. Benjammin gets his ability with weapons and magic from her.

  • Carter Darkseeker

    Carter's great-gradfather was Terrlen Darkseeker who was cursed with lycanthropy. Terrlen was eventually cured and wolves have been considered enemies by the family. He never liked N"Antler being so close to Scarlett. He is quiet but there is a hot …

  • Denzel Rudolph

    Denzel is a strong fighter. He is the father of the only two children with Theren's and Rudolph's blood. He married Kieyanna and hates her brothers. He regrets not killing the two himself. He is currently the Tournament Champion of Jaxson. (not that it …

  • John Stableboy

    John Stableboy grew up in Jaxson and tended the stables of Scarlett Jax for as long as he can remember. He had a single mother who was a maid in the House of Rudolph. Since escaping Jaxson with Lew, Ben and Tiri, he has campaigned for them and gathered a …

  • Jude Blackrazor

    Jude came from the area of Redburn Stedding. He came to the Keep on the Borderland looking for something better than the bickering between tribes in his homeland. He became a follower of the Golden Eagles.

  • Sir Andrew Dathyl

    Andrew and his squires sought adventure at the keep on the borderland and became followers. The battled the Ashen Covenant at Shadow Hill. Sir Andrew survived but his squires di not.

  • Alfred Geryon

    Alfred is one of Geryon's men that went with the Golden Eagles. He fought well on Shadow Hill.

  • Wakdak Theren

    Wakdak is a good soldier but will never match his parents reknown ot his younger brother's.

  • Scarlett Jax

    Scarlett gambled Llewellan, mother of Cote, away from the Mijahlla. She had heard about the blood pact with the dragon Caustrex. The djin after seeing her interest in the offspring of Theren Brightwood and Rudolph Harmony drugged the two heroes and …

  • Mark of Arylon

    Mark has been a loyal member of the Golden Eagles. He is a good leader and helps the younger men.

  • Delia Rudolph

    Trithon's older sister is believed to have gone into the Winterbole Forest with the rest of his family.

  • Tirithon Rudolph

    Tirithon was almost an accidental casualty when the Ashen Covenant tried to poison Benjammin. His family has moved and he has stuck with his friends and done many good deeds.

  • Lewen Theren

    Lewen has been through much. Great deeds he has done, always healing his friends. He was reincarnated as the celestial golden eagle of Bahamut and returned to his half-elf form.

  • Matthew, Thaddeus, Bartholomew & Thomas

    Matthew is a magic user who specializes in minor divination. He and his cleric friends are not the type to explore dungeons or slay dragons but they seek knowledge and document all they see and hear. They are from the kingdom of Arylon. They met the …

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