The Blood of Legends

Scarlet Jax
The Bandit Queen

A century ago the half-elf Scarlet Jax was the rebellious daughter of a noble family (unknown) from the southern province of Archertown. Eager for adventures, she tied back her strawberry hair, donned her red boots and rapier and boarded a merchant barge headed up the Nentir River. The barge ran into trouble traveling through the Witchlight Fens. Draghorrah, an old and insane black dragon had a lair in the fens that was haunted by an elf maiden banshee (that is another story). He rarely left his lair – only to feed a few times per year – but there had been many intruders in the fens and the activity had awoken him much to the bad fortune Captain Helm and all the passengers of his merchant barge. As the barge sank into mucky waters, Scarlet escaped to the marshy bank of the river and watched Captain Helm, brandishing a harpoon on the bow of the vessel, armor disintigrating from a spew of acid from the black wyrm, meet his demise as the creature consumed him into his yellow toothed maw. A piercing shriek from the beast told her the captain had not died before he could inflict some pain to Draghorrah.
The next few days she wandered through the Harken Woods and foraged for food. She was dehydrated and famished when she was attacked by Daggerburg goblins and barely escaped. She lay down in the woods and closed her eyes expecting not to wake up again but when she did she was next to a small campfire and a kind looking man was looking over her. The man was Terrlen Darkseeker, a cursed guide, formerly working in the labyrinth of Thunderspire Mountain. His curse was lycanthropy. He changed to a wolf when under stress – a curse he contracted in one of the ruined halls of Thunderspire labyrinth. Over the next few months the two traveled throughout the Nentir Vale and learned of much evil and unrest. She attracted followers as she went – many misfits – among the first were the wizard Nimozaran the Green and his apprentice the halfling Tobolar Quickfoot. The two had been ousted from Fallcrest where Nimozaran had served as septarche. The four of them stopped at the place called Raven’s Roost in the Harken Wood while on their way to Four League House in the east. In the roost they met a band of adventures who she later learned were a party of heroes called the Beheaders.
As the months went by, rumors of the deeds of these heroes came to her ears but it seemed that every good deal was followed by more evils spreading throughout the land. She usurped many of the bandit leaders throughout the vale under the name Jax the Fox and her followers grew but it was always necessary for them to hide in the shadows of the vale. She had another encounter with the Beheaders in a temporary hideout she and her followers had made in a cave behind a waterfall that had been the lair of a goblin champion called Irontooth.
To wrap up this abridged history, her band retreated to the Stonemarche Mountains as the Vale went to hell. In the mountains she had a chance encounter with a gray dragon named Caustrex. With her charms she befriended the dragon and learned it was tied to the Beheaders through an arcane blood pact. Through the pact, the Beheaders and all their ancestors were prohibited to harm Caustrex and her ancestors and vice versa. Later, she met a gambling addicted djinn called the Mijhallah. She learned that the djinn had a servant girl who was carrying the child of Theren Brightwood – one of the Beheaders – and won the woman Llewella in a game of chance. The djinn returned months later with three more woman, one carrying another of Theren’s children and two carrying the children of the Beheaders leader Rudolph Harmony. She won these woman from the djinn and established the settlement Jaxson under the watchful eye of Caustrex, who was tending seven eggs after mating with a silver dragon from the west. In Jaxson, the settlement prospered for 100 years. Scarlet Jax is the bandit queen and there are a combined 42 ancestors of Theren Brightwood and Rudolph Harmony.


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