Scarlett Jax

An elderly woman whose former beauty has waned over some hard years in the last century.




Scarlett gambled Llewellan, mother of Cote, away from the Mijahlla. She had heard about the blood pact with the dragon Caustrex. The djin after seeing her interest in the offspring of Theren Brightwood and Rudolph Harmony drugged the two heroes and provided them with woman to copulate. The impregnated women were brought to Scarlett to win in games of chance. Scarlett was known as the bandit queen after her band devoured all the rival bandits in the Nentir Vale. She put her plan of Jaxson together with mixed results. Many of the blood pact revere her but some disdain her. Over the years she was raised from the dead five times and it put a strain on her constitution. She died the night of the battle on shadow hill.

Scarlett Jax

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