Matthew, Thaddeus, Bartholomew & Thomas

Four scholars who travel in a carriage seeking knowledge




Matthew is a magic user who specializes in minor divination. He and his cleric friends are not the type to explore dungeons or slay dragons but they seek knowledge and document all they see and hear. They are from the kingdom of Arylon. They met the Golden Eagle at the Keep on the Borderland and started following them around.
Matthew is from Davenburg helps the Eagles with history, strategies and identifying items.
The three clerics help with healing and discuss philosophy with Matthew.
Brother Bartholomew is a cleric in the service of Ioun the goddess of knowledge.
Brother Thaddeus serves Erathis the god of civilization.
Brother Thomas is a cleric of Avandra the goddess of change, luck, trade and travel.

Matthew, Thaddeus, Bartholomew & Thomas

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