The Blood of Legends

Through the Wild

The Golden Eagles followed the overgrown road through the wild. There were dangers along the route – giant wasps, an ettin, harpies and orcs. The threats were dealt with by Sir Tyson, Benjammin and Tirilithon and the army made it through unscathed. Before reaching the Chaos scar the vanguard were met by Kyras – uncle of Lewen, who rode the snakelike dragon Aquirizz, son of Caustrex. Kyras wore a rune carved suit of plate mail and carried an ornate rod. He was ruggedly handsome and affable.
Kyras told them that Lewen’s mother was at Winterhaven with his oldest uncle Iradil, his brother Wakdak and his ailing father. The town was being protected by a small but formidable gathering of adventuring types.
The betrayers Tyiel and Ziral were last seen in Mistwatch with their dragons. They have an army of men and undead of around 500.
Kyras asked about the purpose of the Golden Eagle army and was told they were going to meet up with Scarlet who was gathering soldiers. Kyras expressed some contempt for the bandit queen but reported that she had not been seen since the attack on Jaxson.
Aquirizz showed little interest in the vanguard as they spoke with Kyras. He seemed to be scanning the rest of the army and at one point heard him whisper that there was another. Later the party theorized that there may be another unknown descendant of Theren or Rudolph amongst the army.
After the party mentioned the ritual Candriss has taken which supposedly could open the portal within the Keep on the Shadowfell, Kyras said that they would have to deal with Paldemar before they could open a portal. No portal had reportedly been opened for nearly 100 years. Lewen pointed out that they had come across a undead minatour demon that a necromancer had summoned. This surprised Kyras and he soon bid his farewell. He did ask them to look out for his sister Elsbeth and niece Nansha if they ended up in the shadow keep.


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