The Blood of Legends

Other Noble Houses of Jaxson

Jax, Goldleaf, Lukylyl, Halfmoon, Goldspinner, Carthain

House of Jax
Scarlet’s two sons (Calathes and Marciso) were fathered by the elf Palil Moonshadow and are bitter rivals. Their families have been discussed in previous posts (Calathes in House of Theren, Marciso in House of Rudolph). The House of Jax is small but wealthy. Most of Scarlet’s decendants are members of either Houses Theren or Rudolph. Many of Scarlet’s close friends can often be found hanging around the House of Jax:
N’Antler is a large, human ranger referred to as the wolfman. He is the caretaker of four dire wolves who guard Scarlet and patrol the grounds of the House.
Oddlin is a halfling, avenger of Avandra (the goddess of nature). Oddlin is a wanderer and has seen more of the Nentir Vale and the surrounding area than most people. He was rumored to be the agent for the gnome sorceror, Nim, who disappeared with Theren and Rudolph many years ago. Oddlin is quiet and uncomfortable around most people.
Holgar is a dwarf artificer. He can often be found researching in the library of the House of Jax or lounging in Scarlet’s parlor with a book. He is notorious for not returning borrowed books. He resides in the Thundercloud Tower (a magical tower that floats on a cloud near the settlement of Jaxson) with four other dwarves: Finn the Axe, Kamaand the rune priest, Gorek the rogue and Borri the forger. Theren and Rudy were given the tower by Strombaald the storm giant lord for rescuing his daughter Elektra from frost giants.

House of Goldleaf
Farrah Goldleaf became the baroness of Harkenwold, once a village in the Nentir Vale. She was once rescued from Thunderspire Labyrinth by Rudolph and the Beheaders. It is rumored that she had a love affair with Rudolph and wanted him to settle down with her. After Rudy disappeared and was presumed dead, she had two children (Tamarie and Encinal) with the elf Peeko Woodsinger.

House of Lukylyl
The elf Lukylyl Austy fathered a son (Earar) with the once governess of Archertown, Corellia Flamet. Earar married Lady Hawklight, the daughter of Lord Padraig of Wimterhaven, and had three children (Mahaer, Yoofeh ans Saman).

House of Halfmoon
Rendil, who once ran an inn with his aunt in the seven pillar hall in Thunderspire Mountain, is the leader of the halfling community in Jaxson.

House of Goldspinner
Marsinda, once the ruler of Hammerfast, is the leader of Jaxson’s small dwarf population.

House of Carthain
Carthain was a bandit leader who was usurped by Scarlet and became one of her lieutenants. Many believed he would betray Scarlet but it never happened. His grandson Gann is the head of the house.

Note: Four full elves (aside from Theren) contributed to the gene pool of the noble houses of Jaxson. Fifty years ago, following the destruction of all known gateways to the Shadowfell and Feywild, these elves (Ariel Chalicene, Palil Moonshadow, Peeko Woodsinger and Lukylyl Austy) traveled north to the Rain Valley to discover the fate of the tribes who guarded that gateway to the Feywild. They have not returned.


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