The Blood of Legends

Keep on the Borderland

The Caves of Chaos

N’Antler departed the adventurous youths by a Keep on the borderland of the Arylon Kingdom and told them to find work and he found out the fate of Jaxson he would return. They were to leave word if they moved on from the Keep.
After visiting the Keep and setting up a base of operations, the friends chose to explore some nearby caves that were said to be inhabited by evil, monstrous humanoids. They were at first accompanied by a priest and his two acolytes but they proved to be evil and tried to ambush the party. A paladin visiting the Keep had noticed the adventurers talking with the suspicious priest and had followed them to the caves. He helped them defeat the evil priest and he became their companion. His name was Sir Tyson of Davenburg. Like Lewen, Sir Tyson served Bahamut. He had been the heir to the port city Davenburg but had given up his title as Count of Davenburg when he heard Bahamut’s call to duty.
Shortly, the assassin Niallon from Jaxson, disguised as a cobbler, showed up at the Keep with the aim of killing one of the three cousins. He did not identify his prey but gave them a week to trump the contract with a 1000 gold piece payment. They baulked at the offer. The continued to rout out goblins and kobolds from the caves and earned treasure and reputation. As the week wore on, Niallon brought Lewen the broken hilt of his father’s sword and the party was convinced that Lewen was the target. Their trepidation increased when they discovered the assassin had unnatural skill in disguising himself. He posed as one of the Castellan’s men-at-arms when the party were summoned to the inner-Keep and given the opportunity to earn 2000 gold pieces by capturing a necromancer from the caves – dead or alive. Niallon revealed his identity as the party left the inner-Keep. There was one day left.
Some new arrivals to the Keep became enthralled with the four adventurers. Peter and Paul were men-at-arms that were saved by the adventurers from hobgoblins and swore fealty to them. They accompanied the party and guarded the horses with John Stableboy. Some fighting men – Simon, Jude, Luke and Mark joined Peter and Paul at no urging by the four adventurers. A young knight Andrew and his two squires tagged along on the search for the necromancer. Three clerics Bart, Thad and James were traveling with a magic user, Matthew, and they joined the ensemble. Those four were academics documenting the elements and events on the borderland.
The search for the necromancer led to battles with skeletons, zombies and a wight. In the necromancer’s inner sanctum, they found him being eaten by manes demons at the command of a minotaur demon that had been summoned by the foolish servant of Orcus. Lewen grabbed the necromancer’s spell book from his altar and the fought the demon. When Sir Tyson slayed the demon it’s dark soul retreated to the magic circle it had been summoned from. As it returned to the Abyss it caused an earthquake that collapsed the entire Caves of Chaos. The party barely escaped.
Back at the Keep the party retrieved their reward only to find that Niallon had impersonated the corporal of the guard and robbed the warehouse where the adventurer’s treasure had been stored. He had feigned opening the warehouse for another adventuring company and that group made off with the spoils. The party decided to follow the bandits the next morning. Matthew and the priests examined the evil spell book and found a page of chaotic, doodling that contained clues to a new quest. They followed the adventurers when they left the Keep.
After a grueling day of travel the party camped for the night. They had distanced themselves from their slower followers. Niallon chose that night to fulfill his contract. Two poisoned daggers came from the dark and pierced Benjammin – leaving him feeble and the assassin moved in for the kill. Before he could reach Benjammin, the half elf pulled out his wand of paralyzation and incapacitated the killer. They killed him. He was a doppelganger and may have killed them all if not for the wand. He had some nice magic items which the party took.


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