The Blood of Legends

House of Theren

A Noble House of Jaxson

Llewella was the mother of Theren’s first child, Cote. Llewella, being human, died decades ago and Cote is the head of House Theren. Cote married the elf maiden Ariel Chalicene, who was once engaged to Theren, although the two had never met. The couple had six children (Iradil, Cathran, Elsbeth, Kyras, Landoli and Quinray).

Arden was the mother of Theren’s second child, Jess. Arden, being human, died many decades ago and Jess married Scarlet Jax’s first son Calathes. Calathes and his brother Marciso were fathered by Palil Moonshadow. Calathes and Jess had three children (Tyiel, Ziral and Kieyanna).

Four of Cote’s children have produced him eleven grandchildren including Lewen, who is the son of Cathran and Sir Kevorin. Kevorin is a venerable paladin of Bahamut. Lewen is a cleric of Bahamut and a person of interest in this history.

Kieyanna is the only child of Jess to produce offspring. She married Rudolph Harmony’s son, Denzel and their children (Faeren and Ellewin) are the only two of the 42 blood to be related to both Rudolph and Theren.

Kieyanna’s older brothers have spent a great deal of time in the mountains with a couple of the dragons and will play a nefarious role in a future post.


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