The Blood of Legends

House of Rudolph

A noble house of Jaxson

Vyndra is the mother to twins (Miesa & Denzel) fathered by Rudolph Harmony. Miesa married Scarlet Jax’s second son Marciso and they had three daughters (Lialda, Maddella, Reda). Lialda married Carter Darkseeker and they have six offspring including their youngest Benjammin who is a person of interest in this history. As mentioned Denzel married Theren Brightwood’s granddaughter Kieyanna.

Danica is the mother of Rudolph Harmony’s son Daniel. Daniel married Tamarie, daughter of half-elf Farrah Goldleaf (once the baroness of Harkenwold and now the head of House of Goldleaf)) and Peeko Woodsinger, an elf from the Harken Woods. Daniel and Tamarie have five children (Toova, Amella, Yele, Zeke and Fenton). Amella married Mahaer of House of Lukylyl and they have four children including Tirilithon, who is a person of interest in this history.


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