The Blood of Legends

Dragons of the Blood

The seven children of Caustrex

The seven wyrmlings of Caustrex hatched a century ago. Their father is Rhibold Silvercrest from the west. Although their scales incorporate the gray of their mother and the silver of their father, they are all different.
Blazil the guardian of Jaxson has a gray underbelly, almost black, and silver scales wrap his body like a heavy coat of chain mail. He is large with a gray-black spine running from his head to the end of his thick, blunt ended tail.
Myztic is smaller than Blazil and has a swirling pattern of silver and light gray scales that radiates a blinding light in daylight and a mesmerizing effect in low light. Her spines are silver-white and tapered halfway down her tail. The tail ends in a wicked stinger.
These are the two dragons in which the people of Jaxson are familiar. The other five avoid the settlement but strong members of the blood have traveled to them and made contact.
The names of the other dragons are:
Zyick, Aqurizz, Tsalzi, Akozim and Hazbik
Caustrex has slept in her secret lair for many years and the silver father returned west before the wyrmlings hatched.


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