The Blood of Legends

Bad Blood

Jaxson is attacked by two dragons of the blood and two members of House Theren

Two antique sofas, a parlor table and a hearth decorate the room in the basement of the House of Jax. A pitcher of water is set on a buffet at the side of the room. A man-at-arms, Dirk, escorts the three scolded, young half-elfs to the room, shuts and locks the door and stands guard outside. After pouring some water and loosening up their armor and setting aside their weapons they sit and wait in relative silence for a summons from Scarlet or perhaps the head of their house(s). After an hour or so, a servant appears with a tray of food and wine and brings it to the parlor table where the men are sitting.
“I am Niallon,” he says, “the queen thought you would need some lunch. Is there anything specific I can bring you?”
After looking over the meats, cheeses, fruits and breads offered the group agrees the platter is acceptable, thanks the humble servant and he leaves. Benjammin is not hungry but Tiril and Lewen begin eating. A minute after the two begin eating stomach pains grip the them, they begin sweating and double over. Ben leaps to his feet and tries to help them. Their skin is hot to the touch and he is at a loss for how he can help.
A shout is heard in the stairs outside the door.
“In the name of Bahamut! Let me pass man! There is treachery afoot!” It is the voice of Sir Kevorin, Lewen’s father. Keys jingle and the door bursts open. Ben kneels over the two moaning man-elfs and the knight rushes to them with a parchment in his hand. He reads from the scroll prays to Bahamut and neutralizes the poison they had ingested from the tray of food in which Niallon had delivered.
“Guard the door man!” Sir Kevorin shouts to the man-at-arms. “Grab your things!” he says to his son and his friends. “Orcs and wildmen are raiding the city, attempts have been made on the lives of members of the blood, the council and the queen herself. I was praying and saw a vision – it was Ziral – he betrayed Marciso and slew him in the mountains. Benjammin, I believe your grandfather is dead!”
The knight and Dirk lead the way up the stairs to the houses foyer. The sound of battle cries and panic can be heard. Orcs and wildmen are coming through the door. Dirk slams into the door and holds them off for the moment.
“Through Scarlet’s rooms!” advises Kevorin and leads them to her parlor. More men-at-arms join Dirk at the door. As the knight leads the young men into the parlor they see N’Antler in the courtyard fighting orcs and wildmen. One dire wolf fights at his side and another lies dead. Many of the raiders have been slain but the wolfmaster will be overwhelmed soon. The four newcomers join him in battle.
The House of Jax sits on the slope of the mountain giving a good view of the rest of the settlement. As they fight, Lewen, Ben and Tiril can see that chaos is scattered about the city. Two dragons with riders circle the sky above and then one descends on Gether’s Imports. A large gob of mucus blasts from the dragons mouth and begins eating away at the roof of the building and the dragon lands there and tears it apart.
As they fight orcs in the courtyard, Sir Kevorin yells to a servant cowering in the shadows to run and get horses. Dirk joins the fight and there are now only a few orcs left. Out of the shadows Niallon appears and attacks Benjammin. The circling dragon and rider descends on the courtyard. The assassin Niallon is difficult to hit, difficult to pin down. Blazil intercepts the dragon and rider as they land. Blazil and the new dragon snap at each other. Neither can use breath weapons for there is the possibility they would hit one of the half-elfs of the blood. The rider is Tyiel from the House of Theren. His brother Ziral rides the dragon attacking Gether’s Imports. Tyiel dismounts to attack. Lewen and Ben are engaged with the assassin and finally he takes a minor cut. Tiril drives Tyiel back to his mount with bow fire. The orcs are dead. The servant arrives with five horses. More orcs are heard coming. Blazil is holding off Tyiel’s dragon. Ziral and his dragonmount rise from Gether’s Imports. The dragon carries a screaming man in his mouth and a large chest in his claws. The man’s screams are cut short and his body goes limp.
Sir Kevorin presses his attack on Niallon and shouts to N’Antler who is facing the arriving orcs with the dire wolf and Dirk.
“Lead the boys to safety! I will hold off the enemy!” shouts the knight.
“I must find the queen!” N’Antler answers.
“You owe me this!” says the knight, “Take my son and his friends to safety!”
Ziral and his dragon are flying toward the courtyard. Sir Kevorin is blocking the assassin from the young men. Reluctantly, N’Antler corals Lewen, Ben and Tiril to the horses. Tyiel casts a spell at Benjammin and freezes him in his tracks. Lewen carries him to the horses. He cannot move. The servant, John the stable boy, rides the fifth horse and they ride – escaping into the wilderness.


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