The Blood of Legends

Adventure in the Kindom of Arylon

Sir Tyson, Lewen, Titithon and Benjammin led their retinue in pursuit of the villans. At the ruined library of Leng they defeated most of the villians and faced off with a formidable group of dragonborn explorers. After the dragonborn left they entered the library with a sallow elf villan called Candriss. They faught the undead form of the legendary Kalarel deathpriest of Orcus but Candriss escaped with a ritual that might be able to open a portal in Shadow Keep to the Shadowfell. Sir Tyson and Lewen were slain in the battle.

A gnome druid in the woods nearby raised Sir Tyson and reincarnated Lewen into a golden celestrial eagle. The gnome’s condition for the favor was that the party had to travel to one of the Black Bay Islands to White Plume Mountain and recover a magical branch that had been stolen from his forest.

They acquired a ship for the journey from the Rune Baron who stipulated that the group find a trident called Wave and bring it to him. Besides the captain and crew, Kiera Starfire accompanied them as a representative of the Rune Baron and an elf Erdan Chalicene paid for passage to another of the black bay islands where he was picking up a package. There were no signs of sallow on the elf and he often chewed a strange black root.

After getting the package the ship was blown off coarse to a huge, mysterious island and the ship, the captain and 1/3 of the crew were sunk and eaten by a hydra. After many adventures on the island the group acquired a pirate ship and continued on to White Plume Mountain. The found Wave and a soul sucking black great sword named Blackrazor. Benjammin was killed by the sword but the sword which could speak agreed to free Ben’s soul in exchange for 5 others. The deal was completed with the groups follower Jude wielding the weapon.

The branch was recovered and used to resurrect Ben. The party returned to Sir Tyson childhood home of Davenburg where they found their followers had recruited over 100 men. A Rumor had been spread by John Stableboy and the other self proclaimed Golden Eagles that the heroes were organizing a trek through the wild to the Chaos Scar. The ultimate destination is the Nentir Vale where the heroes first priority is to find Scarlett the bandit queen and united with her bring their cousins Tyiel and Ziral to justice. They pulled to two of Davenburg’s warlords, Gast and Geryon and acquired more troops. King Ptyderi supplied food and wagons for the caravan and he hinted that he knew more about their plans and who they were than they would have suspected. He directed them to Spiral Castle before they left where they fought a mummy lord and recovered a bunch of magic items including a holy avenger, a scroll of protection from demons and a ring of wish. They returned the branch to Glick and he rewarded Lewen with the ability to polymorph between his half elf form and eagle form. They have gathered at the Keep on the Borderlands and are ready to begin their march through the Wild.


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